The City of North Adams, Massachusetts

Property Assessment Data

General Information 

Board Of Assessors
Jessica Lincourt
Greg Betti
Patricia Wol

Assessors' Phone Number: 413-662-3000 x3012
Fax Number: 413-662-3018

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Business & Mailing Address

10 Main Street
North Adams, Massachusetts 01247

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Select a community from the list. Enter the 4 digit Map ID, 4 digit Block ID and 5 digit Lot ID in the spaces provided, including any zeros (example: 210A 0100 0130C). Type only numbers and letters in the boxes. Enter only a map number to display all parcels in that map. For communities not using a block number, the Block ID can be left blank.

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Select a community from the list. Enter all or part of a street name, and the street number if known. If no street number is specified, all parcels on that street will be displayed.

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Select a community from the list. Enter all or part of the owner's last name, then the first name if known. All matching parcels will be displayed if the community provides ownership information online; if it does not, ownership information must be obtained directly from the assessors' office.

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